Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender – The Leader by Choice

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You already have a blender in your kitchen cabinet as this is one of the most common electrical appliance used in the kitchens, it is also very effective and helpful as it basically liquidize the solid ingredients and makes it easier to use or cook them. It does this as it has sharp blades in the bottom of its container and the motor underneath cause the blades to spin at a very high speed enabling them to chop the ingredients whilst stirring and mixing them, even though this is the main function of a blender but there are different types of blender in the market like Hand Mixer, Immersion Blender, Stick Blender, Single-Serve Blender, Portable Blender, Countertop Blender, Stand Mixer and Commercial Blender. They all have the same function which is to blend with slightly different characteristics for e.g. Portable Blender is portable which means it doesn’t need a plug to start, with such varieties to choose from it really gets frustrating to pick a good working blender which can last for a long time and to ease that decision the Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender fits all of those categories perfectly. Get the best reviews on Vitamix Blenders by clicking the link below. 

Vitamix 320 explorian blender

Vitamix is a company which never fails to release high quality blenders and because of this they have earned a good reputation as a company and a good reputation to its products as well, some of its most famous blender are Vitamix Blender 5200, Vitamix Blender 5300, Vitamix Blender A3500 etc. similarly, they released a new blender called “Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender” which has changed the blender game for many competitors of Vitamix. This is a perfect blender as it does its job not only effectively but smoothly, the price may not be most budget friendly but if you don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars by keep buying different blenders after every few months then this is great for you. Vitamix E320 Explorian doesn’t only blend but it also has many features that make this blender better than so many other standard blenders. 

Top features of Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender

  • Motor

The power of E320 blender is 2.2hp which is considered as very powerful in blenders, this mean that the blender is able to chop and grind through the hardest ingredients like coffee beans, almonds cashews etc., into a very smooth liquid form with zero amount of chunks present. 2.2hp also enables the high speed of rotation to the sharp blades as well, therefore, it blends smoothly and quickly. It because of this high horse power that this blender stands out amongst other blenders.

  • Diverse speeds

With the Vitamix E320 blender you get 10 options to adjust your speed level, when cooking one tries the hardest to obtain a perfect texture and for this you need a perfect consistent speed and E320 enables you to do that so if you want your mixture to be thick and heavy, you may use the speed closest to ‘1’ and if you want your mixture to be thin you may optimize speeds closest to ‘10’ for fast blending.