One Step Closer To Digitalization

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Cloud kitchen, cloud kitchen, cloud kitchen! As the world is moving swiftly towards digitalization, you might be hearing this name so many times in your everyday routine. In this blog, we are going to talk about the terminology “cloud kitchen” business model, its benefits or is cloud kitchen a successful business model? Or people have just made a big deal out of it.

Q. What Is Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud kitchen is a business model here there is no actual restaurant that exist in reality. If you want to eat something, you will make the order online and the food will be delivered right at your doorsteps. Here, there is no dine-in experience.  You will only get to experience the food by placing the order online. Visit this site if you want to know more about Cloud Kitchen

Q. What Are The Benefits Of The Cloud Kitchen Business Model?

You might have heard a number of benefits of this business. Let me mention a few here in this blog. The number one on the list is that you will be starting with the minimum investments. Yes! Initiating this business will not get you to spend much of your dollars. Doing this business, you will save the money for the restaurant outlet, the rent, electricity bill, the furniture and other miscellaneous bills that a restaurant owner is suppose to pay. This saves all the initial investment and only you will only be bearing the cost of the chef and the grocery items.

Q. What Are The Disadvantages Of The Cloud Kitchen?

Now, in your head, you must have started making plans about setting up a cloud kitchen, right? Well, this is not as easy as it may look. Even if there is an online business, the challenges it may face are crucial and needs to be magnified. The number one disadvantage that you might face during setting up this online kitchen business is that the customer will not trust you since they cannot see you. Yes, customers need to see a thing before they can actually put your trust on you.

Next challenge, you might face is that this business will not give you any profit for the next five months. Initially, you will have to bear the expenses from your pockets. After five to six months, if you be persistent and patient enough, you will be able to generate the minimal profit.

You will have to spend the money on the kitchen equipments, online payments pathways, investment for the food ingredients. These are on your own. You will not get any profit on that. As much as this business requires minimal investment, this business also needs a lot of initial capital which is solely on you.

Also, you have to bear the money for the riders as the restaurant provides delivery services and has not actual restaurant where the customer can come and experience the dine-in services.

Q. Is This Business A Successful One?

Well, it totally depends on you, your vision and your objectives. If you have a vision to provide taste and quality like never before then you must be patient enough to work on your cloud kitchen startup for years and years so that it will grow to become one the biggest online companies in your country such as Fassos food services Pvt, Ltd.

In 2011, two partners (Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee) started this business and grew it to be one of the largest cloud kitchen businesses in India. You name the food and they have it. They started by selling just one dish and grew up to providing more than 34 cuisines around the world. However, they had to be persistent enough to reach the position they are today. Moreover, customer cannot compromise on quality and taste and that is why they have been famous for.

If your mother or you can cook something really good, why not start an online kitchen and start earning money now? Who knows, if it gets famous, you’ll be playing in dollars today.