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Love The Art Of Photography? Build Your Blog Today!

Many good photographers are underrated, and that’s unfortunate, especially in the digital era. If you think that you can tell stories through images, you should consider having a photography blog. The best part is you don’t have to spend huge or hire an expensive web designer to start a website. So, why should you spend on a blog? What are the things that matter for designing a photography website? Right below, we answer some of these questions and more.

Why have a photography website?

A website is the simplest and most effective way of sharing your work. You can establish yourself as a brand, and although that can take time, it is not like running after angel investors. Your personal photography website is also the contact point for your work. From selling packages to asking for models to pose for your shoots, you can do it all. It is also a great way to accept payments online and expand your profile on social media sites. Often, it is hard to send the portfolio, but with a website, you just have to forward the link.

Tips for setting the website

First things first, select a domain name, and if this is your personal site only, we recommend that you consider your initials or a brand name that represents your work. Secondly, consider using a reliable hosting plan. You want the website to be accessible and available for visitors, even when the site traffic is high. As for the platform, there are many options, right from Wix to Weebly and GoDaddy, but if you want a simple and more flexible site, consider WordPress. The kind of plug-ins and community support you have on WordPress remain matchless.

Creating the design

Most people judge photography websites by the template, and you have to select a theme that enhances your work. We recommend that you settle for a minimal design, where the focus remains on photos and text content. It is also wise to have a blog, where you can share information and posts related to your work, and that will also help with SEO.

In conclusion

It makes sense to have a basic objective for photography websites. This just helps in planning the marketing and branding process. For example, if you want to sell packages for weddings and corporate events, you may want to have a page for bookings, while many creative photographers just rely on their website for sharing images.

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