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Bore Snakes are a very popular cleaning tool, and has become quite popular recently. Many have preferred this over cleaning rods due to it being more convenient to use and it being simpler to utilize. Being a very old part of the market going back to World War 2, Companies are now seeing the benefits of such tool and trying to adjust it to make it more compatible for the customers use. From a wide range, this is a compilation is some of the best Bore snake reviews for the year 2020.

Ultimate Rifle Build Bore Snake

This is a really popular Bore snake amongst the fans, and the main reason for that is the versatility and array of guns it can clean thoroughly. With its high quality materials and different shapes and sizes, it manages to clean guns like, Pistols, Shotguns and even Rifles. It is designed to be reused plenty of  times, an will still give you the same result due to its highly durable components. It is also really compact and lightweight meaning it can be carried anywhere you go putting it safely in your pocket.

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The machine can be washedIt starts to fray after 100 cleans
Its Reusable 
It’s Very simple to use 
The solvent is safe 
It is affordable 

Hoppe’s 24035 Bore Snake 

If you own a shotgun, this Bore snake is certainly the one you need to own. Its really thick size and brass weight helps to efficiently get out all debris, cleaning the gun thoroughly. The Hoppe’s is really easy to use, and only requires one sweep to clean the gun barrel effortlessly. The tool is perfect for anyone who is in a rush, or doesn’t have the patience, as this tool works in no time. Much like the Rifle Build, it is also washable, and extremely lightweight and portable and can be taken anywhere.

It is really compact and lightweightIt can get real messy
It is portableDoes not work as efficiently with Powder Residue
Best for cleaning Shotguns 
Cleans thoroughly with one sweep 
All components are highly durable. 

Otis Technology FG-RC-338 

If you own a wide range of firearms and are looking to clean the easily and quickly, then the Otis Bore Snake is what you need to own. It comes with various sizes so making it able to clean the different types of guns, Such as the Shotgun and even the Rifle. What makes the tool so special is it’s design, the rubber core it has ensure thorough cleaning with just one sweep and can be used anytime you want.  You are safe to use ot straight after you fire, or even if it is wet or dry.

Very Compact and LightweightRequire effort to get snake bore out of the bore
Made with durable and  heat resistant materials 
Perfect for wide range of firearms 
Does an amazing job in getting rid of any residue 
Very Well Priced